Showcasing my best projects.

Explore the projects I'm most passionate about, spanning various domains in technology. Many are open-source, so dive into the code, and feel free to contribute your own ideas for improvements!

  • Trading Competition Platform

    Creating a robust exchange and web application for a trading competition (NUTC24), utilizing C++, RabbitMQ, Docker, Google Cloud Run, Firebase, Crow (C++ web server), and several other libraries.


    CASCADE is a high-performance, fault-tolerant, distributed event streaming service. It was written in Rust, designed to enable the deployment of brokers, producers, consumers, and REST endpoints on AWS EKS using Tokio, Tonic, gRPC, Kubernetes, and Docker.


    Co-maintained Create-React-App-Configuration-Override, a Node package, implementing testing suites for comprehensive build and compilation process evaluation in web apps. Package has 2.3 million monthly downloads and 7k stars.

  • Real-World Autonomous Flight Software

    Designed and programmed a model airplane to autonomously take off, navigate waypoints, and land using C++ and custom low-level sensor code on a Raspberry Pi with a Navio2 sensor board.

  • Neural Network from Scratch in Go

    Built a high-performing neural network from scratch using Golang, achieving impressive results on Kaggle datasets.

  • Swifternships

    Launched Swifternships, a platform connecting college students with microinternships for professional experience, built with Firebase Real-time Database, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Cloudflare, Sendinblue, and Twilio.


    Implemented a clean, modern website for a preprofessional fraternity (Kappa Theta Pi) with a landing page and member portal.

  • Radix Tree Pathfinding Library

    Crafted a library for efficient grid-based word pathfinding using an optimized Radix Tree (trie) in Python.

  • DineOnCampus-Faster

    Streamlined Northwestern's dining hall menu access with a fast REST API, texting service, and Discord bot integration, utilizing AWS EC2, Selenium, and Twilio.